Allround Socks Short


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The all-round anti-slip “short” socks impress with their functionality and highest wearing comfort in the shoe. In the field of football, this technology is already indispensable for many athletes.

  • ONE size (size 37 – 48) due to special processing of the very high quality material
  • specially placed rubber knobs on the outside in ergonomic foot shape for a perfect fit in the shoe
  • best wearing comfort due to high quality workmanship
  • Versatile tested and considered excellent by children in all kinds of sports (e.g., football, tennis, handball, volleyball, etc.)
  • can be used in all sports where direction changes and rotational movements are required

Composition: 55% cotton, 35% nylon, 7% spandex, 3% polyester


ONE-Size (Gr. 37 – 48)


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