Fit Essentials Bundle (Superlight Socks + Foam Roll + Mat + Bottle)

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Included in the set are the following products:

  1. 1 pair TAPEDESIGN – Superlight Socks (color of choice)
  2. 1x TAPEDESIGN – Foam Roller 45cm (color of choice)
  3. 1x TAPEDESIGN – Trainings Mat 183cm (in black)
  4. 1x TAPEDESIGN – Drinking Bottle 600ml


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TAPEDESIGN® – Superlight Socks:

The NEW special anti-slip “Superlight” socks impress with their functionality and innovation. Whether in top-level sport or hobby – always one step ahead!

It is a special superlight sock, which provides more grip and feel no matter which shoe. Due to the special material composition, the socks are very comfortable and extremely elastic at the same time – so you can adapt to every foot ergonomically.

  • super thin
  • extra light, only 26,5 grams per Sock
  • ONE size (size 37 – 48) due to special processing of the very high quality material
  • special placed rubber knobs on the outside in ergonomic foot shape for a perfect fit in the shoe
  • best wearing comfort due to high quality workmanship
  • Versatile tested by professional and amateur athletes in all kinds of sports (such as football, tennis, handball, volleyball, etc.) and perceived as excellent
  • can be used in all sports where direction changes and rotational movements are required

Feel the difference!

Composition: 55% cotton, 35% nylon, 7% spandex, 3% polyester

TAPEDESIGN® – Training Mat:

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of training with the versatile “TAPEDESIGN Training Mat”! With a generous length of 183cm and available in timeless black, this mat offers an unbeatable experience for your entire training practice.

The “TAPEDESIGN Training Mat” has been designed with attention to detail to provide you with the highest comfort during your exercises. It is made of high-quality, non-slip material that provides stability and security for every workout. Whether you are an experienced athlete or just starting out with your training, this mat offers the perfect balance of cushioning and firmness to support your practice optimally.

The timeless black color of the training mat gives it an elegant yet modern look.

With a thickness of 0.5 cm, the “TAPEDESIGN Training Mat” provides pleasant cushioning for your joints and spine during various exercises. It offers a soft yet stable surface that allows you to fully concentrate on your training and immerse yourself in your exercises.

The “TAPEDESIGN Training Mat” is easy to transport and store. Simply roll it up and take it with you to the gym, park, or on your travels. The durable materials ensure that your mat stays in top shape even with regular use.

Invest in your well-being and treat yourself to the “TAPEDESIGN Training Mat” – your reliable companion for effective and challenging workouts.


TAPEDESIGN® – Foam Roller (45cm):

Discover the brand new “TAPEDESIGN Foam Roller” – your loyal companion for effective fascia training! With a length of 45 cm and available in four cool colors, this foam roller offers a unique training experience that helps take your mobility to the next level and unleash your body’s full potential.

The “TAPEDESIGN Foam Roller” has been designed with love and expertise to provide you with the highest comfort and best performance. It is made of durable material that can withstand heavy use. With it, you can specifically release tensions and adhesions in your fascia and achieve a supple body sensation.

The four stylish colors not only make the “TAPEDESIGN Foam Roller” an effective training tool but also a cool accessory. Choose the color that best matches your individual style.

The textured surface of the foam roller gives you an extra kick and allows you to massage your fascia specifically. Simply roll and apply pressure to release tension, boost circulation, and relax your muscles.

Use the foam roller before or after your workout to boost your recovery and prevent injuries. It’s also perfect for a relaxing massage after a long and strenuous day.

The “TAPEDESIGN Foam Roller” is practical and easy to handle. Take it with you everywhere and incorporate it into your training routine, whether at the gym, at home, or outdoors on the sports field. Thanks to its compact size, it easily fits into your sports bag.

Invest in your physical health and treat yourself to the “TAPEDESIGN Foam Roller” – a versatile and effective training tool that helps improve your mobility, release tension, and maximize your performance.

Choose your favorite color and bring style and functionality to your fascia training!

Colors: Black/Green, Black/Yellow, Black/Orange, Black/Blue
Length: 45cm


TAPEDESIGN® – Drinking Bottle 600ml

Easy to open drinking bottle made of 100% BPA-free plastic for any sport. The TAPEDESIGN drinking bottle is also easy to clean and leak-proof.

Color: Black

Volume: 600ml
Features: BPA Free, odorless and tasteless.

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