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Allround Socks “Long 2.0” (with ID)

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The original, made in Europe
One size fits all!
With TDX, our High Grip technology

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The all-round anti-slip “long” socks impress with their highest wearing comfort and optimal hold in your shoe. In the field of football, this technology is already indispensable for many athletes.

As already known by the original product “Classic”, this is a long customizable socks, which provides by specially placed rubber knobs on the outside for more feeling and a stable grip in the shoe. Also, the compression of this product was in a short time a crazy appeal.

  • ONE size (size 37 – 48) due to special processing of the very high quality material
  • special placed rubber knobs on the outside and in ergonomic foot shape for a perfect fit in the shoe
  • best wearing comfort due to high quality workmanship
  • Versatile tested by professional and amateur athletes in all kinds of sports (such as running, football, basketball, tennis, etc.) and perceived as excellent
  • can be used in all sports where direction changes and rotational movements are required

Feel the difference!

Composition: 55% cotton, 35% nylon, 7% spandex, 3% polyester

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